Quality components rule the game

In any sport, the game components have a lead role to play in deciding the game strategies. It always matters whether you’re playing for recreation or participating in a championship. For amateurs, the quality may not matter, but for truly professional players the quality is unbelievably important. The skill of a professional is futile if he or she doesn’t equip with best quality components of professional standards. Anyway, the playing culture decides the game standards and for effective game performance following the standards is essential.

best table tennis table

Table – the key component in Ping Pong

A leisure game originated in the Victorian era in England, Ping Pong is an international sport in the modern times. As a player of Ping Pong, one can easily differentiate between a mediocre and a good table. The manufacturer of a professional table tennis table follows the standards laid-down by the experts and is purchased after thorough research on various brands. Only a table fulfilling the set norms is rated best table tennis table for championships. Table tennis is managed worldwide by the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) which provides the specification of a table for all professional games. The table of 9.0 ft, 5.0ft, 2.5ft in length, width and height respectively and with uniformly dark matte surface is approved for an optimal bounce when a ball is dropped from the height of 11.8 inch. The tables made from wood or its derivatives only are approved by the ITTF.

Buying the best

There are many brands launched in the market of sport goods, but many of them don’t meet the professional specifications. Any brand may be good for leisure game and amateurs, but good brand like JOOLA ping pong table will be apposite for a professional game. While searching a Ping Pong table, don’t ignore to look for the frame strength, how thick the table is, value, and safety offered. Always buy the best!