When someone talks of essay writing, it doesn’t mean what you are asked to write in your school or college exam but lot more than that. Anything you write about some topic or subject is an essay because every essay has some theme that should be discussed in essay writing. For instance, Statement of Purpose (SOP) or personal statement you write for your college admission application is a type of essay.

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Essay types

There are various essay types and styles. Essay is a type of statement or report prepared for some specific purpose that includes every relevant aspect about the purpose to make it effective. This is called effective essay writing. However, there may be difference in school or college essays and professional statements or reports. The essay contests require some different type of presentation in essay writing and sometimes include brief points to be included in essay content. Some essay helper are sometimes provided for participants to create new contents based on the given example. Thus, essay is a generic term for different ways of writing.

To be a good essay writer

Everyone can’t be a good writer and even if someone has writing skills, he may not be conversant with specific style of writing. For instance, a script writer may not be good report writer, or an expert business writer may not be a good scientific manuscript writer. The things common for every style of writing are absolute command over language and open-mindedness to think over the topic. The published contents on the topic can be of great help to expand your own views and ideas about the subject and that’s why examples of essay are good source of information on the subject. You can be an excellent essay writer if you follow the contents of examples and synchronize them with your own ideas and views to generate a new content.