Dry skin is a skin condition where your skin becomes itchy, it cracks and flakes start to develop. This is a very common skin problem and it can be due to various reasons like weather condition when humidity is very less especially during winters you tend o have dry skin. Or when the skin is not properly moisturized you develop dry skin. It affects millions of people from all over the globe.

And sometimes even bad quality cosmetics products can lead you to have dry skin. You should be very careful while choosing the best cosmetic for your skin.

As skin is the most important defensive layer of our body so it’s our sole responsibility to treat it rightly.

One of the most affected areas in our face suffering from dry skin is under an eye. We all know eyes are the most beautiful part of our body, most expressive so you suffer from dry skin, and your eyes suffer too.

Facts to note down about dry under eye

As I already told you causes of dry skin, let me go straight to dry itchy flaky skin under eyes facts:

  • When the skin becomes really dry under your skin you tend to look old and fine lines develop
  • Your skin eyes always look tired and the skin even cracks when you apply makeup
  • Sometimes you always have dry itchy flakes under your eye if you suffer from medical condition like eczema.

Tips to remember

Now let’s talk about how to treat skin around eyes tips:

  • The skin should always be hydrated. Treat your skin especially under your eyes with a really good moisturizer
  • You should always use non-allergic products for your skin. Use some good under eye cream at night.
  • Always ash your eyes with warm water, not hot water.
  • If you have some medical condition, then consult a doctor.

You can go through ecellulitis.com article on under eye drynesstreatment.