The recent reading trends have shattered all notions of book reading. With time we are progressing towards a more individualistic style of writing with views which are becoming more acceptable. The authors today aren’t shying away from covering subjects which are becoming a talk of the world and thus they capture the best of topics in their books. From the launch of some of the latest reads, there has been an evolving of writing styles which pertain to Gay & lesbian, gay romance novels, erotica and more. As much as publishing houses are ready to publish it, the readers are picking them up at alarming rate.

The free ebooks and reading

Ebooks have changed the way we take books. With an ease to store an entire book into just a form of file, the ebooks make our lives easier and travel more light. This technology has also helped in instantly picking up books which aren’t launched in our country. And hence when you get free gay ebooks or even free lesbian ebooks you don’t shy away from reading one.

gay romance novels

Websites offering free ebooks

There are a lot of online websites which keep on running discounts on certain section of books from time to time. The lesbian novels, erotica and more being the favourites of people, the discount strategy on them comes with better preparation. Some of these websites often go to about 50% off or letting you download the free ebooks for a limited time. Be active and get your books for free instantly!

Intriguing stories of Gay & Lesbain novels

These novels instill a different kind of love and bond which although prevails in the society but a certain section still absconds it. The underlying thought, the survival stories of these couples and the struggles make for a great read! You shall thoroughly enjoy the fictions as well as the biographies!