Rustic Pathways has always been concerned about offering incorporated education along with travel and generosity. Chris Stakich the rustic pathways CEO has dedicated his whole life and has dedicated his complete career to this way of education combined with travel and charity towards humanity.

The career history of Chris Stakich

After completing his graduation in the year 2002 from the famous university of Harvard be joined this company. He has a degree of BS in economics. Rustic Pathways the company where Chris Stakich is a CEO is a leading company in that field. They are basically there to provide their students with a strong knowledge of travel based education and show endowment towards human beings living in a shared humanity.

rustic pathways ceo

Chris Stakich did not directly gain the position of CEO in Rustic Pathways. He had initially served various other posts like the Global Sales Director, and then the post of COO followed by Costa Rica Country Director and the post of Leader and then finally grasped the leading position in the company when he was declared the CEO of the company in the year 2014. He simultaneously holds the position of Chairman of the Board in Rustic Pathways. After signing in as the CEO he has served the company with his level best. Under his leadership, the company has touched the sky with its success and had to never look back since then.

Success of the company under the leadership of Rustic Pathways

The company has spread its wings in many countries bring the company name to the limelight and providing Rustic Pathways the top position in its field for years since 2014. Rustic Pathways has employees from all over the world and all of them are experts in their field. They administer their client’s requirement with high efficiency and work until they are satisfied.