In the present times, the usage of shisha pen has increased tremendously. You can find these cigarettes literally everywhere. If you are a resident of one of the big cities, then advertisements regarding these hookahs and shisha based cigarettes can be found everywhere. The act of vaping has been described by many to be a magical experience. You can therefore benefit a lot by use of the hookahs and the e cigarettes.

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Working explained here

The electronic hookahs have three primary components. Firstly you will find the battery, the atomizer and a chamber for holding the liquid. The battery present, perform the function of a true battery. It is able to send electrical charges to the various parts of the hookah. For the models which have non disposable batteries, the charging is done using the USB.

Main component

The atomizer can be said to be the most important part of the hookah australia . The e liquid present in the chamber gets heated up by the atomizer. After this, the liquid gets converted into vapor.  Some of the hookahs even have a manually operated switch. If this button is present, users need pressing the button all the time.

Button less shisha pen

There are lots of e hookahs present in the market which does not contain any switches.  The atomizer present in these hookahs gets activated as you begin pulling in the vapor from the shisha.

The cigarette and the hookah of the electronic nature are not very different from each other. The liquids used inside them, vary in the composition of the mixture. Internal batteries as well as atomizers and liquid tank are present in all of them. Lots of good designs are available when you purchase a hookah pen. The pipe of the e hookah, if at all present is very different from the traditional ones.