Muslim women are bound by traditions that take them away from fashion. The style of Muslim women outfits forbids them from wearing fashion apparels and fashion jewelry because suggested styles and designs of Muslim outfits cover almost all of women’s body. There is nothing that can be worn as a fashion accessory with this outfit. Burqa is an outfit that covers almost all of woman’s body and even face so she can’t even wear fashion earrings, necklace, etc. and can’t make a hairstyle. Abaya, the Arabian outfit is better than a burqa because it covers woman’s entire body except face, hands and feet. So, she can create a hairstyle, do facial makeup, and wear fashion earrings.

Why abaya is not an apt outfit

The major defect in abayas is that they are black in color, although some color variations have been made in the recent time. Black abaya exclusively symbolize the religious character. When a woman is in this outfit, anyone who doesn’t know this woman will be certain that the woman in this black dress is a Muslim woman and probably belonging to Arabian culture. No woman like to be branded with a religious or cultural symbol. Women have always wanted to show their beauty to men and to charm them with their style of wearing apparels and fashion accessories. Truly, woman’s own body aesthetic is appealing for men but fashion accessories and apparels augment this appeal. When woman’s body is fully covered, men view it from different perspective and this perspective is sometimes against woman’s modesty.

Open abaya is a multipurpose outfit

Open abaya is like traditional abayas but with a difference and can be used as a fashion outfit. Since it has open front, it can be worn with your jeans and top or you can use it as a special occasion dress. You can wear fashion accessories with this dress to create a different trend. If you can’t afford a brand outfit for special occasion, choose from open abayas ant that will serve your purpose.