Many drone camera reviews have written in favor of this drone due to the fact that it is quite cheap and small UAV that does not need an FAA registration. This drone can look quite attractive because it comes in white color. Also, it comes completely disassembled while buying but going through the instruction manual, anyone can assemble it easily. A person can also easily learn flying a drone using it and therefore it can be the best choice for any beginner.

drone camera reviews

  • Some amazing features and design – Apart from best drone camera, this quadcopter has been designed to be stable in-flight. However, due to its small size, sometimes it may get caught up in the wind and can lose its way. On the positive side though, there is a battery compartment cover that can help in keeping its internal battery safe and sound. Also, there are a lot of LED lights present on its body and these can be very helpful during a night flight for keeping it in sight. The Intelligent Orientation Control (IOC) feature can be very helpful for enhanced tracking so that if it goes for a spin, the UAV can be controlled. New pilots may find this feature to be very helpful for a flight.
  • Elegant video quality and flight performance – A lot of drone cameras reviews have mentioned about this UAV due to the high quality pictures that can be achieved by it. Although it does not come with a camera, many camera models like Go Pro 3, 4 and AmkovAmk 5000 sports camera can be mounted to get 4k pictures and HD videos. The autonomous functions within it can help in holding it at a certain height, hover around and land safely by itself. It can reach upto 300 meters at a maximum speed of 22 mph and keep its flight till 15 minutes due to the powerful 2700 mAh battery. There is an attractive return home function that can make a flying session very easy for a pilot.

With lots of features and a superb camera, this drone is very highly desired by UAV buffs.