The founder and CEO of Lugano diamonds, a person with great insights and knowledge of diamonds and jewellery, Moti Ferder is one in a million man.

He was born and brought up in Israel and served Israel army for four years.

Feder is a gemologist and diamond cutter. He has been in this industry from a very young age. He opened his headquarters in California, 2005. Since then he expanded his desires from traditional jewellery to the true luxury.

He is the intermediary between Lugan diamonds and international gemmological laboratories.

He has been into each and every step when we talk about supply chain- since dawning of diamonds, cutting, designing, wholesale of diamonds and lastly retail sale.

Moti Ferder

His vision to a successful entrepreneurship:

According to him, reverse engineering is the best way to bring new ideas which is his part of creativity. A total control over various processes – planning, cast in new form, setting up the stone, polishing and finally sales and marketing is the reason behind successful entrepreneurship.

His first opening:

Moti Ferder

In 2013, with the success of his grand salon, he opened another salon at Montage Laguna Beach in California. His latest grand salon has opened in Aspen, Colorado.

Moti Ferder creative edge has made him distinguished from other retailers by creating one-in-a-kind designs.

His zirconium won the ‘Best of the Best’ award by Robb report. Feder is always in the national and international publications.

Lugano’s aim, to make a difference is not only their business but salons and social responsibilities are the core values to which Lugano yearn for.

As a philanthropist, Moti Ferder has served number of non-profit organisations and campaigns like Mission Hospital Foundation, Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, The Centre for Autism and many more and is in continuous touch with them to build a better world.