We have seen only one type or maybe two types of keyboard in life but it is fascinating to know that there is wide variety of keyboards available for different purposes.

Let’s discuss few well known types below:

  1. Mechanical keyboard

These types of keyboards are constructed in a way that a spring is attached beneath the keys so that when the user press the key, the spring is pressed and the signal is sent to the machine. This also makes a ‘tick’ sound while pressing to let the user know that the key has been pressed and the signal is sent.


It provides a very tactile feedback. It is satisfactory to use and it requires a lot less actuation force while pressing the keys which increases the efficiency of the user while making use of the keys.


The main disadvantage of this type of keyboard is that it is quite expensive in comparison to others.

These keyboards apart from their usual application are well customized as gaming keyboard too. Customized mechanical ‘WASD’ keyboards are also manufactured with placement of keys according to the ease of the gamer. Best mechanical keyboards are selected by the gamers according to the speed, accuracy and ease of use.

mechanical keyboard

  1. Membrane keyboard

These keyboards do not have separate keys or moving parts like other keyboards, but rather pressure pads are present with only key outlines and the key symbols printed on the flat and stretchable surface.


They are cheap, easy to use for general purpose so if they spoil or break, no worries, you can always buy a new one at a cheaper price.


It is flimsy and keyboards are mushy. For professionals this keyboard is not suitable as it requires lot more force to press the keys which is called the ‘actuation force’ and it reduces the efficiency of the professional.

They are generally not preferred over mechanical keyboard because of its design and technique but we still find many using the same like Razer membrane keyboards with slimmer keycaps and fully programmable keys.

Tactile keyboard

It has a mechanical keyboard feel and touch. With 169 million clicks, this keyboard is a successful version of mechanical key boards. They are designed similar to mechanical keyboards. However it is a good combination of mechanical keypad and membrane keyboard.


It has a lower actuation force. It’s heavy weight so that it doesn’t slip away while in use. It is customizable; keys could always be interchanged according to the need of the user.


Even after being similar to mechanical keyboard, it is not one. It has a rubber lining beneath the keys and expensive.

Discussion could be endless when it comes to selection of keyboards according to the need. The keyboard could always be bought according to need of the user for his/her ease and efficiency. The decision lies with the user.