Back in the day, setting up a breakers yard was a simple enough task. However, it was so easy; it began to give rise to a lot of criminal activity. Vehicle crime is a pretty big deal in the industry and this was not exempted from it either. As a result, it is always recommended that you know about the different rules and regulations attached to a Vauxhall breakers yard.

The Rules

There has been much iteration of these rules which help people guide themselves better towards scrapping their car. As a result, it is necessary for everyone to keep themselves updated. Here are some of the rules that you should know about.

Vauxhall breakers

  • License

These yard owners need to have a license for trading their vehicles, that much is obvious. What might not have been so obvious is the fact that they also need to have an insurance registered which is relevant to the new regulations. Police will also need to be given full access to these kinds of premises.

  • Registration

Also keep in mind that Vauxhall breakers have a rule that failure to register in terms that comply with that set by the council will result in a court offence. This can result in a huge amount of fine that can reach up to amounts of 5000 pounds. The registration will be valid for a total period of 3 years after which renewal will be required.

  • Pollution

Other rules set up include things like pollution which are of great importance these days. If your vehicle does not meet the necessary standards set out for pollution by vehicles, be prepared for a hard time because they are ready to give you one. However, knowing about this can help you since you can take precautions beforehand.That is pretty much all of the nook and cranny regarding Vauxhall breakers.