Corporates of developed countries like America and Europe are required to keep themselves updatedwith cutting edge technology to meet the ever-changing demands of the industry from time to time.

One such advancement is the self-hosted and open source messaging solution; which has been adopted by most of the organizations. In this regard, there are several mattermost blogs; which has created a lot of buzz over the internet.

People, nowadays,are more interested to know the additive benefits that are missed in slack;few of which are summed as follows.


Firstly, matter most offers you a private and secure collaboration!

Things are done faster than ever, collaborating with the team through messaging services that utilizes cloud infrastructure under Information Technology control.

More importantly, unlike the slack messaging system; it allows unlimitedcommunication at the fingertips!

Interestingly, you can reach anyone, anywhere, on any device. You can safely connect with your teams with Enterprise Mobility Management software, hybrid cloud storage and grade wise enterprise flexibilityto meet the custom needs of your enterprise.

Nevertheless, you can optimize your workflow by connecting several plugins.

There are over 500 plugins for customization of the messaging platform. With the help of these plugins and Application Program Interface access, one can surely build better workflow; empower their operational teams with enhanced efficiency and productivity.

Not to forget, it meets your compliance and security needs.

In September 2017, the Federal Agency of U.S.A., migrated to the open source messaging solution, mattermost, for some specific requirement of their sector.

In a much similar way, you can customizethis messaging platform. Ensure its acquiescence according to the unique region, language, country-specific and industry-specific requirements.

Last but not the least, these features make your team happy and encourages them to work more with increased reliability.

Overall, it will make your organization a happy workplace.

So why waiting? Know more at and start off with a great messaging experience!