In the present times, diabetes, has become one of the most widely occurring disease in the world. According to estimates, one out of every ten people is known to suffer from diabetes. People are most commonly seen to have high concentrations of glucose in their blood. The diabetes has caught the imagination of a large mass of people in such a short duration of time, that lies and misinformation about it has begun spreading for quite long time. In this article, these myths would be busted so that people do not remain misinformed and know the big diabetes lie.

Overweight disease

Obese people are readily labelled as diabetic. But the truth is even very skinny people too are known to suffer from diabetes. However, being overweight is of course a factor which increases the chances of the person to suffer from diabetes in the future. If you are obese, then you need to take regular tests for diabetes and control blood sugar levels, if they are on the rise.

Sugar free food

When you are eating food items low on sugar, you can remain assured that the level of sugar in your blood will remain under control. However, eating too much of ‘sugar free’ food is not going to help either. There are many such foods in the market which increase blood sugar levels instead of lowering it. The diabetes lie about sugar free food should be brought in front of the public.

Eating less

You have to speak to your doctor before you start taking different ‘sugar free’ food items. Only your physician can direct the best for your good.

Many people are known to suffer from a condition where taking a sizeable quantity of sugar, causes a rise in blood sugar levels. These are mostly predisposing conditions and need to be dealt with properly by big diabetes lie.